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Recap of the 2nd Lower Back Pain Talk

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023 | Back Pain

Physician Sue, once again graced the stage at the 2nd Lower Back Pain Talk organized by Singapore Paincare Holdings Limited. Held on October 7th at URA Centre, the event attracted 200 eager participants seeking insights into effective lower back pain management.

Physician Sue shared a wealth of knowledge on TCM principles, focusing on acupuncture techniques, herbal remedies, and integrative practices that seamlessly complement traditional approaches. Her expertise offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of holistic methods to address lower back pain.

Joined by other esteemed professionals, the event featured Dr. Bernard Lee, an expert in pain management, and Dr. Kwong, a seasoned General Practitioner. Their collective insights enriched the discussion, providing practical and diverse perspectives on tackling lower back pain.

Looking back, the 2nd Lower Back Pain Talk proved to be another successful milestone in our ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare knowledge. The collaborative spirit among experts, coupled with the enthusiastic engagement of the audience, underscored the community’s keen interest in holistic approaches to lower back pain.

Beyond education, the event fostered collaboration among experts from various medical fields. This collaboration is a testament to our dedication to integrated healthcare solutions. As we continue our journey, these events play a crucial role in offering comprehensive solutions for the well-being of our patients and the community at large.

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