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Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness provides holistic TCM treatment for knee pain. Our Yin-Yang harmony approach to alleviating knee pain focuses on correcting qi flow and mobilising the knee for long-term healing and improvement.

The knee serves as the pivotal point between the tibia (shin bone) and femur (thigh bone), and is essential for movement and weight-bearing activities. It contains multiple ligaments and tendons, that provide stability and support to the joint.

In TCM, the knee is also described as a joint with abundance of Qi and Blood, hence it is an important location for the circulation of vital energy and blood. The knee is also closely related to the kidney and liver meridians. Any imbalance in the Kidney or Liver may lead to knee pain.


TCM view

According to TCM theory, wind, cold, dampness, and heat are the causes of knee pain – an imbalance in the liver and kidneys, or stagnation of the blood and qi.

Western view

A ruptured ligament or torn cartilage may result in knee pain. Medical conditions such as arthritis, gout and infections can also result in knee pain.

Common Types of Knee Pain Conditions

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Bursitis
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Bursitis

Symptoms / Diagnosis

Patients may have difficulty walking, squatting, or using the stairs. Movement may also be restricted at certain angles. In most patients, there will be pain at specific points with finger pressure. Some patients may notice swelling at the knee joint, while other patients may feel a general coldness at the lower limbs.


Our TCM knee pain relief treatment protocol seeks to accurately diagnose the root cause and to relieve pain and improve mobility of the knee area. Our unique treatment protocol is based on the use of curative TCM methods and physical therapies to boost recovery.

TCM Programme

Step 1:

Pain Assessment

A 5-minute test using a skin conductance device is done to measure your knee pain level objectively.

Step 2:

Customised TCM Treatment

You will undergo the TCM treatment/s administered by our physician and/or therapist.

Step 3:

Physical Movement Therapy (if needed)

Our physician/ therapist will guide you through a physical movement therapy developed by our physiotherapist to assist your recovery journey at home.

Types of TCM Treatments for knee pain


What Are The Benefits Of This Treatment?

This treatment protocol aims to reduce your knee pain and restore your body to health, improving your overall well-being.

How Many Sessions Are Needed To See Improvement?

We recommend at least 6 sessions for sustained improvement of the knee condition. Treatment should be done once a week or more to see better results. Pain reduction varies among individuals, depending on the severity and length of time in which the condition has persisted. We typically see our patients’ conditions improve after 3 treatment sessions.

Are There Any Post Treatment Advisory?

• The patient will be provided with an exercise manual and if necessary, physiotherapy may be provided alongside TCM treatment.
• During this period, make sure you consume more nutritious foods and stay away from cold beverages.


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