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Based on Eastern philosophy, Yin and Yang are opposing yet complementary forces that interact to form a dynamic and holistic ecosystem.

At Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness, we embody the Yin-Yang harmony concept by combining the TCM focus on internal qi regulation (Yin) with the Western medical emphasis of external physical movement (Yang) to treat pain and promote long-term wellness. We utilize modern medical diagnostic tools and innovative technologies to ensure optimal health.


Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness is a registered TCM clinic in Singapore that treats pain with a unique proprietary approach. We are committed to helping everyone live a pain-free life.

As the TCM arm of Singapore Paincare Holdings (“SPCH”), we provide a comprehensive suite of TCM pain relief and wellness services at our Marina Square flagship centre.

We provide holistic health services to a wide range of clients, including those with aches, injuries and chronic pain issues, as well as those who view TCM as a way to maintain good health.

Our unique TCM treatments and wellness solutions are developed jointly by Western pain specialists and TCM physicians. We incorporate innovative medical technologies to enhance our therapy and patients’ experiences.

We serve with staunch commitment and uphold high standards in our pain relief practice as our caring professionals work closely together with patients to support their needs and improve their well-being. We are the partner you can trust in your pain and wellness journey.

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