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Recap of the Lower Back Pain Public Forum

Last Updated: Dec 13, 2023 | Back Pain

In a significant stride towards holistic healthcare, our esteemed TCM physician, Ms. Sue Wan, had the honor of being one of the distinguished speakers at the Lower Back Pain Public Forum organized by Singapore Paincare Holdings Limited. This event, held on August 5th at HDB Hub, witnessed a turnout of 400 participants, marking it as a resounding success.

The talk featured distinguished speakers from various medical disciplines, creating a unique platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. Dr. Bernard Lee, a Pain Specialist, shared valuable perspectives on pain management, while Dr. Chiam, a Sports Medicine Physician, provided insights into the intersection of sports medicine and lower back pain. Dr. Paul Thng, an Orthopedic specialist, contributed his expertise on orthopedic considerations in managing lower back pain. And physician Sue took the stage to shed light on the integrative approach to managing lower back pain through Traditional Chinese Medicine. The talk delved into the principles of TCM, acupuncture techniques, and herbal remedies that can effectively complement conventional approaches to alleviate lower back pain.

The event proved to be more than just an informative session. With 400 eager participants in attendance, the Lower Back Pain Talk fostered a rich environment for learning and sharing. Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights not only from our TCM physician but also from other esteemed speakers.

The successful event not only educated participants but also fostered collaboration among experts from diverse medical fields. As we continue on our journey to integrated healthcare, such events serve as valuable milestones in providing comprehensive solutions for the benefit of our patients and the community at large.

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