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Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness provides holistic TCM treatment for neck pain. Our Yin-Yang harmony approach to alleviating neck pain focuses on correcting qi flow for long-term healing and improvement.


TCM view

Neck pain could be caused by inappropriate posture or injury from exercise. Emotional stress may also be contributing factor causing neck pain.

Western view

The neck area is vulnerable to injuries and conditions that cause pain and restrict motion as it is flexible and supports the weight of your head. Causes of neck pain include muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compression, injuries, or diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis or cancer.

Common Types of Neck Pain Conditions

  • Facet Joint Pain
  • Muscle Spasm

Symptoms / Diagnosis

Other than neck pain you may experience a restricted range of movement in the neck, pain, numbness, weakness in the arm, or even dizziness and nausea.


Our TCM neck pain relief treatment protocol seeks to accurately diagnose the root cause of pain, relieve pain and improve mobility of the neck area. Our unique treatment protocol is built upon curative TCM methods and physical therapies to boost recovery.

TCM Programme

Step 1:


The physician will conduct a one-to-one consultation to investigate your symptoms and devise a TCM neck pain treatment plan to suit your condition.

Step 2:

Customised TCM Treatment

You will undergo the TCM treatment/s administered by our physician and/or therapist.

Step 3:

Physical Movement Therapy (if needed)

Our physician/ therapist will guide you through a physical movement therapy developed by our physiotherapist to assist your recovery journey at home.

Types of TCM Treatments for Neck Pain


What Are The Benefits Of This Treatment?

This treatment protocol aims to reduce your neck pain and restore your body to health, improving your overall well-being.

How Many Sessions Are Needed To See Improvement?

We recommend at least 6 sessions for sustained improvement of the neck condition. Treatment should be done once a week or more to see better results. Pain reduction varies among individuals, depending on the severity and length of time in which the condition has persisted. We typically see our patients’ conditions improve after 3 treatment sessions.

Are There Any Post Treatment Advisory?

• An exercise manual will be provided. If there is no swelling or redness, keep the area warm through clothing or heat packs as much as possible.
• During this period, make sure you consume more nutritious foods and stay away from cold beverages.


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