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Qi’Nergy Detox Slimming

Qi’Nergy Detox Slimming

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What is Qi’Nergy Detox Slimming

Qi’Nergy Detox Slimming by Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness is a customised weight management programme to help you lose weight naturally, safely, and effectively.

While improving overall appearance is important, our TCM programmes aim to improve and optimise your health and well-being. That way, you can lose weight sustainably while remaining healthy and free from diseases.  

There will be a thorough consultation to identify the causes of obesity and weight gain. After that, treatment options such as acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, TCM herb prescription and the use of medical equipment may be prescribed where appropriate. 

TCM slimming

What causes obesity and excessive weight?

From Chinese Medicine viewpoint, fatty tissues are formed when dampness or phlegm accumulates in the body. Dampness or phlegm may be the result of liver qi stagnation, spleen and kidney qi deficiency.

1. Spleen Weakness
The spleen is responsible for turning food into energy and getting rid of excess body fluid. Overconsumption of food or poor diet (consisting of greasy and spicy foods) will weaken the spleen, causing it to be less effective in transforming and moving waste fluids and foods out of body. This eventually leads to dampness which will congeal into phlegm and become “fat”.

2. Liver Qi Stagnation
Liver is responsible for the regulation of qi, blood, and emotions. Emotional stress causes the liver qi and blood flow to be disrupted, blocking our organ meridians and building up fluids in the body, resulting in weight gain. Hence, protecting your mental health is important for your physical health.

3. Kidney Yang Deficiency
Excessive intake of alcohol, cold drinks and raw food can deplete the kidney yang, which provides qi for other organs. Consequently, other major organs like the spleen, liver, and stomach cannot function properly. This slows down metabolism, making it easier to gain weight.

Types of Body Slimming Treatments We Use

  •  Acupuncture

In our weight loss programme, acupuncture is applied by our physicians on specific acupoints on the stomach, arms, and legs to:

  • re-balance hormonal activity to reduce anxiety (which helps curb emotional/ binge eating)
  • improve Qi & blood circulation
  • boost metabolism to support weight loss
  • improve digestive system, remove wind, and reduce bloating
  • Detox Slimming Gua Sha with Tuina

Gua Sha is known to disperse stagnant Qi and blood to promote internal organs balance.  This technique involves using a wooden stick to rub the body along the meridians in long or short strokes. The application of pressure on the skin may cause capillaries to burst, resulting in petechiae and bruise-like marks which will dissipate in 2 to 3 days.  

Qi’Nergy Tuina is also incorporated along identified acupoints to activate lymphatic drainage, remove Qi blockages and activate blood circulation.

The treatment helps to stimulate body fat loss by:

  • breaking up fascia adhesions and increasing blood flow to the areas being treated
  • activating lymphatic drainage for excess water and toxins to be discharged
  • regulating spleen & kidney functions to remove ‘dampness’ and ‘phlegm’
  • increasing body metabolism to support fat burn
  • Herb Prescription (Optional)

Herbs may be prescribed by our physician to complement TCM treatments for improved efficacy. Our herbs are “heat-releasing” and “dampness-cleaning” to correct metabolic imbalances and enhance digestion.  Our herbs can be easily consumed without the need for cooking as they are in a powdered concentrate, capsule, tablet, or pill form.

  • High Intensity Electromagnetic Technology HI-EMT (Optional)

This is a FDA-approved, non-invasive technology that helps to build muscles and burn fat simultaneously. It uses high intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIEMT) to trigger intense supramaximal muscle contractions at targeted areas such as the abdomen, arms, legs, and buttocks.

The electromagnetic pulses generated from the device will stimulate muscle contractions equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups in a single treatment (which is not possible through physical means). For women after childbirth, this therapy addresses postpartum issues such as Diastasis Recti (separation of the ab muscles during pregnancy) and urinary incontinence as electromagnetic energy applied at pelvic floor helps to stimulate abdominal remodelling and repair by fusing muscle fibres together.

HI-EMT is also beneficial for those individuals, looking to tone and sculpt body and reduce body fats in an efficient manner.

Why is our slimming programme different from other weight management programmes? 

Our Qi’Nergy Detox Slimming incorporates an East meets West approach; we integrate TCM acupuncture, gua sha and tuina techniques with medical grade technology to produce more holistic results for you! Results are usually immediate after just one session. 

Compared to various crash diets and dietary supplements, our TCM treatment is natural with minimal side effects. Beyond just removing fats, we target the root issue of weight gain: body and organ energy imbalances. By restoring your organs’ optimal activity, our treatment can improve overall health. A lower weight not only means being in shape, but it also means a healthier you!

What to expect at your first consultation?

Weight loss is personal and should never follow a one-size-fits-all approach. The physician will have a one-to-one consultation with you to understand the root cause of your unhealthy weight increase. From there, the physician will devise a treatment plan customised to your goals, body conditions, weight history, eating patterns, lifestyle, and habits.

 Depending on the diagnosis of the physician, different treatment options like acupuncture, detox gua sha, tuina, and traditional Chinese medicine may be prescribed to you. For patients who want faster results, HI-EMT therapy may be performed as well.

Is Qi’Nergy Detox Slimming Gua Sha suitable for everyone?

This treatment is generally safe for both men and women. Individuals with medical conditions may seek the advice of our physician on the suitability of individual treatment options.

How long does it take to see results? How frequently should I come for Qi’Nergy Detox Slimming sessions? 

This depends on the person’s level of obesity and body conditions. Immediate signs of improvement such as skin lifting and reduced bloating can be observed after one session.

However, other than detox slimming, weight loss is a process that should involve healthy eating and exercises too. Typically, to see a gradual slimming effect without any rebound weight gain, treatment should be done at least twice a week for the first 2 to 4 weeks before resuming to once per week.

 For Qi’Nergy Detox Gua sha, the two sessions should be separated by at least 3 days to allow the petechiae (red marks known as sha) to dissipate before proceeding. 

Is acupuncture painful? 

As the needles used are hair-thin, most patients feel minimal to no pain or discomfort. Some individuals may feel soreness at the points where needles are inserted.


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