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Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina

Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina

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WHAT IS Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina

Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy can cause numerous changes in a woman’s body. During pregnancy, mothers may feel fatigued as their blood is used to nourish the growing baby. The qi flow in their bodies may also be affected. This in turn causes blockages, and obstruction of the “water channels” (水道不利)in the body, which manifests as swelling and bloating.


Our prenatal care packages are designed to help pregnant women with the following:

  • Nurture the fetus and nourish the body (养胎养神)
  • Improve mood swings
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Relieves leg cramps and back pain
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Strengthens ovary health and immunity
  • Prepare for childbirth
    Prenatal Massage

    How are we different from other prenatal massages?

    Our physicians and therapists have undergone training by Western pain management specialists under Singapore Paincare Academy, which means they are able to treat women’s pregnancy issues more effectively. And also, before proceeding with the Tuina service, you will have a consultation with our experienced physician who will carefully assess your condition. The therapist will then adjust the techniques and acupoints used to achieve the best possible results.

    Is it safe for pregnant women to undergo Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina massage?

    Tuina is generally safe for most pregnant women. Our therapists are rigorously trained to use the proper techniques and avoid inappropriate acupoints.

    Which trimester of my pregnancy is safe for me to undergo Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina massage?

    Tuina is typically safe for women from 3 months to 35 weeks into their pregnancy. It’s important for women with high-risk pregnancies to seek advice from their doctor prior to the treatment.

    How long does it take before I can see results from Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina? How often should I go for the Tuina?

    You can expect to experience a feeling of relief and relaxation after each treatment. Women with larger babies tend to have more discomfort. The general recommendation is to go for Tuina once a week.

    Is Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina suitable for everyone?

    You should not go for Tuina if you experience any of the following symptoms: abnormal vaginal bleeding, heart disease, hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, epilepsy, pregnancy toxemia, etc.


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