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The Ladies’ Care


TLC Gift Box specially dedicated to women. Pamper yourself with treatments ranging from complimentary detox slimming, prenatal or postpartum care to health supplements and treatment vouchers!



The Ladies' Care

The Ladies’ Care Gift Box @ $188 (Worth $796)

Inclusive of

  • One Complimentary TCM Services (Choose any of the below)
    -Qi’Nergy Tuina 60mins + Herb Ionto 20mins
    -Qi’Nergy Ladies Womb Care Tuina 45mins  + Herb Ionto 20mins
    -Detox Slimming 50mins
    -Qi’Nergy Postpartum Tuina 60mins
    -Qi’Nergy Prenatal Tuina (45mins) + Acupuncture
  • One $100 Treatment Voucher (no min spend required)
  • One $100 Package Voucher
  • One $200 Package Voucher
  • One TCM Herb Supplement (Brain Power / Sleep / Immunity)
  • Fiveleaf Gynostemma Rose Tea


Early Bird Special (Till 11 Dec only)

  • 1 box-$178 ($10 off)
  • 2 boxes-$336 ($20 off per box)
  • 5 boxes-$790 ($30 off per box)